Beauty Experts Setting New Trends


Beauty Experts Setting New Trends

Lati and Sara Domi had decades of experience in the beauty industry and decided to create a powerhouse beauty salon. Based in Austin, Texas they have created an ultra modern feel in the hottest location in Austin. They strive to help the environment with sound business practices such as recycling and using energy efficient light bulbs throughout the salon. Propaganda Hair Group is setting new standards in the industry.

What If Your Already Have A Hair Stylist You Go To?

Coming to Propaganda Hair Group, you can experience first hand the latest hair styles and trends from the professionals who have worked for professionals. Propaganda Hair Group stylists have worked on many celebrities. Replicating your favorite actress or singers hairstyle can be easily accomplished. With only the finest brand name products used, you will look like a new person when leaving the salon.

Is The Salon Child-Friendly?

We love kids. Most of the stylists are parents themselves. We love safety also. Some rules have been implemented to protect them. Just as we care for your child’s safety, we also want them looking their best when going to school. We have tons of trending hair styles that will keep them looking sharp for school. Everyone hates looking back at those yearbook photos and seeing embarrassing hairstyles. We strive to give a great look for your child even during special occasions like prom.

How Skilled Are The Stylists?

Lati Domi not only worked as a stylist but also an Eduction Director. Lati has taught hair cutting seminars all over the world. He has worked as a stylist for many celebrities. With such a significant presence in the industry, you know that you are dealing with someone who knows the ins and outs very well. Lati and Sara Domi have put together a highly skilled team to bring you the best. You haven’t had a proper hair cut until you’ve had a Propaganda Hair Group hair cut. Click on hair salons Austin TX for more details.


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